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About Us

The H. E. Wood Bible Institute & Theological Seminar, International is a non-denominational Bible Institute established in April 1996.  The purpose of the Institute is to make disciples for Christ.  The Seminary offers the following programs:  Old Testament Bible Knowledge I, New Testament Bible Knowledge II, other Certificate Programs; Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate and Honorary Doctorate degrees.


The Seminary is named after the President, Dr. Cammie Jeffress B. Jeffress’ Late Aunt, Overseer Harriette E. Wood.  The Seminary is named after the Late Overseer Harriette E. Wood because of her dedication to making disciples.  Overseer Wood is the Founder and Pastor of the Saint Paul Pentecostal Church, Inc., in Alexandria, Virginia.  Until her death in 1986, she was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.  She was a mentor and teacher to many.  
Background:  The H.E. Wood Bible Institute and Theological Seminary, International is a Bible correspondence program, which provides excellent means for equipping the overall ministry of the Church.  With careful planning, the Institute can be a useful tool of God that offers a balanced and thorough training service, sound teaching, and encouragement for continued education.


The Institute is accredited by the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (W.W.A.C.).


The H. E. Wood Bible Institute and Theological Seminary, International seeks to cooperate with all local churches which stand upon the uncompromised Word of God and to work with all other Scriptural Christian Organizations.  We simply evaluate each student upon their personal qualities, not by their past sins or former affiliations.  We wish to build a mutually respectful relationship with all other good churches, Christian organizations, and Bible schools.


The H. E. Wood Bible Institute and Theological Seminary, International believes that as Disciples of Christ, we need to learn the Word of God in order to obey the Word of God.  These are not denominational courses but truly a Bible course.  Satan will try to overwhelm you with a feeling of apathy or else try to make you too busy.  You must place this in top priority in your life.  You will not accidentally find the time and a place for the study of God’s word, but you make room and take time.  Find a place in your home that is at least semi-private, comfortable, and well lighted.  Designate a definite time in your schedule for this important study.  Prepare your heart and mind by prayer each time before you start.  The Bible is a spiritual book.   Let the Spirit of God minister to your heart.  You will get more out of it this way.  Immediately apply to your life what you learn each time, and share it with someone else.   


Purpose:  to equip saints for their ministries, spiritual growth, and relationship with God, and leadership roles.


Scriptural Basis: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.    II Timothy 2:15


Our Motto:  “Learn”


Our School Colors:  
    White for holiness and purity
    Gold for Divine LOVE
    Blue heavenly character


Logo:  The Sword of the Spirit

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